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Azrieli-GPATS Joint Program

Where teaching is sacred, Where learning transforms


At the start of GPATS students can join a joint program with Azrieli. In this program:

  • 6 GPATS credits will be counted towards Azrieli requirements. These 6 credits will replace 2 content electives
  • Other than the replaced classes above, students must follow the regular 2-year model; however, students will complete PEP in the year following GPATS rather than in their second AGS year
  • If possible, Azrieli will offer a methods elective that integrates the material students study in GPATS, such as in depth teaching of halacha or gemara

Students in GPATS who do not wish to enter the joint program are welcome to take Azrieli classes at will.

However, after four Azrieli classes students will need to officially apply to Azrieli before taking more classes. (Students will still register for classes through the GPATS registrar as long as they are in GPATS).

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