Want to make sure you’re taking the right classes to graduate?...


...Now you can, on your own computer!


The Office of the Registrar is proud to present DegreeTrack, a brand new feature on InsideTrackwhich allows you to view your academic progress anytime you want. You can now view the classes you have completed as well as the classes you still need in order to fulfill your major and general course requirements.

DegreeTrack is currently accessible to students in the following graduate programs

  • Einstein MD
  • Einstein PhD
  • Einstein MS (Clinical Research)
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Wurzweiler MSW

Other programs are on the way… stay tuned.


DegreeTrack complements academic advising, who uses the new feature to communicate with you through MYYU.

DegreeTrack also offers you the capability to plan ahead, and consider other majors. You are able to see how a change of major would affect the classes you need to take as well as the classes you have already taken.

DegreeTrack has a GPA calculator function built-in. In addition to calculating your cumulative GPA, you can calculate grades you hope to achieve based on classes that you are currently in as well as classes you hope to take in the upcoming semesters.

To log on to DegreeTrack:

For students:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Faculty, Students and Staff’
  3. Log in to your MYYU account using your YU ID (starts with 800 or 999)
  4. Once you are logged in, click on ‘Student and Financial Aid’
  5. Click on ‘Login to DegreeTrack’

For advisors:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Faculty, Students and Staff’
  3. Log in to your MYYU account using your YU ID (starts with 800 or 999)
  4. Click on ‘Faculty and Advisors’
  5. Click on ‘Student Information Menu’
  6. Click ‘Connect to DegreeTrack’
  7. Type in student’s ID or name


Q. If I am a student with a double major, will DegreeTrack list the necessary requirements for both majors?

Yes. Additionally DegreeTrack will list any minors you have declared.

Q. If I am exempt from requirements (ie: due to AP scores, exemption tests, etc.), will the requirements be marked ‘fulfilled’ on DegreeTrack?

All exemptions from any requirements, whether automatic or with special permission, will be noted clearly in your report as such along with the reason for your exemption. Depending on the nature of the exemption it may be noted in one of several ways. If you have any questions about exemptions you should speak with your advisor.

Q. How will my transfer credit appear on DegreeTrack?

Transfer credit will appear along with institutional credit in the various areas of the report. If the transfer credit counts towards specific degree requirements it will be placed in the appropriate spot and the requirement will be checked off as completed. Transfer courses are distinguished on the report with a note naming the college the course was taken in.

Q. What is the difference between the “What If” and “Look Ahead” functions on DegreeTrack?

Both are planning tools. "What If" allows you to see what would happen if you add/remove/change your majors and minors. "Look Ahead" allows you to simply see where courses you are thinking about taking fit in to your overall plan. Because these are planning tools, it is important to understand two things. 1) It is always best to check with an advisor before contemplating any program change. 2) You must officially declare your program changes through the Office of the Registrar to make them official.

Q. I heard that Academic Advisors can communicate with me through DegreeTrack. Where can I find this component on DegreeTrack?

Academic advisors will have the ability to place personalized advice on your report. One method is through the "Notes" system which are text messages containing advice or items related to meetings. Additionally, advisors will be able to create personalized "Plans" which can guide you on recommended registration choices for one or more future semesters to keep you on track. More communications options will be added in the future.

Q. I know that general and major requirements are subject to change but how will I know which requirements I am responsible for?

The ultimate guide to a student's degree requirements is the academic catalog published for your school or program. You are bound by the rules set forth in it. DegreeTrack complements the catalog by helping break down what it says about specific program requirements in an easy-to-read way. However, should there be any discrepancy between your DegreeTrack report and what is set forth in the catalog the catalog will be considered authoritative.

Q. I think my report is incorrect. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is to speak with your academic advisor. Your advisor will help you clarify any issues and will work with the Registrar to correct any issues. We have taken great pains to make the reports as accurate as possible, but it is difficult to predict every possible situation. Over time, with the help of feedback from students and advisors, the system will get better and better.

Q. My Major/Minor/Concentration is incorrect or doesn't appear on my audit...

If you recently declared a change to your program of study please contact the registrar. It takes at least one day for the system to automatically populate the changes to your report. You can use the "Refresh" and "Process New" commands to force an update to happen immediately. Of course, if you DID NOT declare a change notify the registrar immediately.

Q. The requirements for my major are wrong...

Pay attention to the academic year listed on the blue bars above the requirement blocks. This is the catalog year we believe you are bound by. Usually this would be the academic year of matriculation. If you believe you are bound by earlier or later catalogs please see the Registrar to discuss the issue and potentially update this for you. Once corrected the report will reflect the change.

Q. What is the difference between my DegreeTrack report and my Official Transcript?

Your DegreeTrack report is a tool that provides you with information related to your degree progress, displays courses required and completed, and any possible substitutions or waivers. Your Official Transcript is your official college record and provides a chronological list of completed courses and other academic information. Your Official Transcript must be requested from the registrar at In case of any discrepancies between your DegreeTrack report and your Official Transcript, your Official Transcript will be considered to be authoritative.

What if I need help while using DegreeTrack?

We are here to help you. We understand that DegreeTrack is a new feature and therefore want to hear feedback so that the Office of the Registrar can work to improve it. For questions, comments, concerns contact us at

We are here to help you!