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Reporting Options

You have options

All members of the campus community have the right to have disclosures of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault treated seriously and to make their own decisions about whether or not to disclose or participate in the conduct or criminal justice process, free from pressure by the University or retaliation for reporting an incident.  

Report to the University  

report to the University will result in outreach from staff, offer of supportive measures, and information on options for resolution. Anyone (including a victim or a third party) who has knowledge of a suspected violation of University policy may notify the University by contacting any of the following:   

Title IX Coordinator:
Dr. Chaim Nissel - (646) 592-4201 - 

Deputy Title IX Coordinators:
(Human Resources) Ms. Renee Coker - (646) 592-4336 –  
Mr. Joe Bednarsh - (646) 592-4615 –  
Ann Todd, Esq. - (646) 592-4624 –   
(Cardozo) Ms. Jenn Kim - (212) 790-0429 – 

Security Department:

  • Beren Campus: 212.340.7796
  • Brookdale Center Campus (Cardozo Law): 212.790.0303
  • Resnick Campus (Rousso): 646.592.4385
  • Resnick Campus (Van Etten): 646.592.4398
  • Wilf Campus: 212.960.5200

Dean of Students—Yeshiva University:
Graduate Dean of Students: Dr. Chaim Nissel – (646) 592-4201 -
Interim Undergraduate Dean of Students: Dr. Sara Asher, (646) 592-4129,

Dean of Students—Cardozo Law School: 
Ms. Jenn Kim – (212) 790-0429 - 

Office of Human Resources:  
(646) 592-4335 

Office of the General Counsel
(646) 592-4400 

Unlawful Harassment Panel

Confidential Reporting Options 

Reporting parties have a number of confidential options for reporting, including a confidential hotline, and counseling and support services, on and off campus.  

Confidential options can provide support and services, as well as information to victims in preparation for a future report to the University or law enforcement. 

Reporting to Law Enforcement 

All members of the campus community have the right to make a report to campus security, local law enforcement, and/or state police or choose not to report. 

Reporting to the Department of Education

Anyone may file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education.

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