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Immediate Help

If this is an emergency, contact 911

Emergency room

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is available through local hospitals, who may also administer Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations (SAFE). 


Law Enforcement and Security

All students have the right to make a report to local law enforcement and/or state police.  University Security (1-888-YU SAFTY; 1-888-987-2389) or the NYPD (911) may respond or receive reports.  


Counseling and Support

Resources are available on and off campus—from counseling services to response hotlines. The Yeshiva University counseling office has a sexual assault counselor.


Title IX

Title IX staff can assist you in connecting with resources or making a report, on or off campus. 646-592-6200,  

What to do immediately after a sexual assault

Get to a safe place.

  • If calling police or security, tell the dispatcher this is an emergency situation and where you are. You do not have to give any personal details to the dispatcher.
  • Contact someone you know or utilize a resource on this website.

Get medical attention.

  • You may have hidden injuries and may want to explore options for preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Victims may opt to undergo a sexual assault medical exam, performed by a specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). The exam is free.

Preserve evidence.

Do not
  • Shower
  • Eat, drink, or smoke
  • Brush your teeth
  • Urinate (if possible)
  • Change your clothes
  • Clean, tidy, or remove anything from the location of the assault
  • If able, secure the scene where the assault took place.
  • Preserve evidence by saving text messages and other communications, social media, images, audio files, voicemail etc.
  • Write down everything that you remember happening, with as much detail as possible
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