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I Got the Professional Job!

Student Success Stories

Name: Adina Mencer

Major: Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Graduation: May 2021

Story: When I decided I wanted to change my major from journalism to strategy and entrepreneurship, I was unsure what profession I wanted to pursue. After taking Principles of Strategy and realizing how much I enjoyed the subject, I reached out to the SGC to learn about my career options. It wasn’t until my junior year when someone suggested I look into pursuing a career in human resources. From there, I conducted my own research to learn more about the industry and professions in HR. After attending an SGC Career Fair and speaking with an alumnus, I was confident I wanted to pursue a career in human capital consulting. From that point on, I used LinkedIn to connect with human capital consultants and other HR professionals to learn as much as I could about the industry. When I approached the SGC for additional networking assistance, the SGC provided me with a list of contacts I could reach out to. To my surprise, people actually responded and were more than happy to speak with me. 

In the Spring semester of my senior year, I participated in the Women’s Professional Network (WPN) mentoring program. I was matched with a YU alumna working at one of the leading human capital consulting firms. During those few months, I was able to gain further insight into the industry and skills needed to succeed as a consultant. After emailing an HR consulting firm that caught my attention, I reached out to employees via LinkedIn. Ultimately, it was a VP at the firm who responded to my LinkedIn connection request and set up a time for us to meet. At the end of our conversation, I was encouraged to apply to the firm’s summer internship program, and was introduced to additional employees. My internship allowed me to gain necessary work experience and further solidified my interest in human capital consulting. Before the completion of my internship, I was offered a full-time position to continue working at the firm.

Advice: My advice to current YU students is to take advantage of the services and events offered by the SGC, and to not be afraid to network with professionals. I’m thankful for all of the guidance I received during my years at YU, which enabled me to land a job in human capital consulting.

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