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I Got the Internship!

Student Success Stories

Name: Hannah Shulman

Graduation: May 2024

Story: This past summer, I was hoping to land a marketing internship. After connecting with the SGC, I looked into YU’s Summer of Opportunity Program, which offered internships within various departments at YU. Among the opportunities listed was an internship with the marketing team for YU’s graduate schools. This piqued my interest, and I met with the SGC again to craft my resume for the application. Thanks to them, I got the internship! As part of my internship responsibilities, I collaborated with Milena Lozina, the marketing manager, to engage current and prospective students with social media content. It was a great learning experience and a wonderful addition to my resume.

Name: Lieba Weiss

Graduation: May 2023

Story: When I first started at Stern, I was unsure where I wanted my career to head. However, after exploring my options, I knew that I wanted a job that would combine my interests in science and business, as well as one that would allow me to have an impact and help others. Through classes, clubs, and networking, I found that a career in consulting would give me just that. I have tremendous Hakaras Hatov to my family, friends, and to YU for helping me secure my dream internship as a healthcare consultant for PwC, and I look forward to what the future holds!

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