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I Had Other Success!

Student Success Stories

Name: Yedidya Schechter

Major: Psychology or Biology

Graduation: May 2024

Story: I had the privilege of spending a week in Vienna on a relief mission YU organized. Together with other students, I helped Ukrainian refugees who had just fled from their homes. By spending a week giving our time, care, and attention to them, we impacted many lives and brought happiness to many people. Having an impact on others has an impact on oneself as well, and it was an honor to be able to help out as much as I could in a time when our brothers and sisters were in need.

Name: Rina Shamilov

Major: English/Marketing

Graduation: May 2024

Story: At the beginning of the fall 2020 semester, I applied to YU's WPN program. WPN connects students with mentors who share their career aspirations to give students a better taste of what each professional field looks like. As a literature major, I wanted to connect with a professional working in the literary field. A couple of months ago, I was matched with Francine LaSala, an author and copywriter who has also worked in the publishing world. She is incredible and has lots of stories to share. I am excited to continue this mentorship, and maybe even follow in Francine's steps.

Name: Anonymous

Major: Computer Science

Graduation: May 2024

Story: The summer between 11th and 12th grade, I got accepted to the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Morgan Stanley. It was an incredible opportunity to see the computer science industry up close and in person. I was paired with a mentor from the Morgan Stanley Technology Department, who I had lunch with every week. We spoke about how to prepare to land my first job, and what to expect once I would join the workforce. I also had the opportunity to visit different tech divisions within Morgan Stanley, and I learned how many diverse jobs are available even within the computer science field. I was part of a class of 20 other high school girls, who came from different backgrounds yet were all interested in technology. I learned the basics of how to code, preparing me for the more advanced classes I would go on to take for my degree. I finished Girls Who Code ready and excited to come to Stern and major in computer science. The program really solidified in my mind that this is the field I want to pursue.

Name: Ari Eizen

Major: Business Analytics

Graduation: May 2022

Story: I have always dreamed of working in the sports industry once I finished school. On top of getting into graduate school, I have the honor of being the first recipient of the SGC Leadership Scholarship. Next week I will be traveling to New Orleans to take part in a conference, where I will be given the chance to meet and network with other sports professionals and learn more about the industry. 

Name: Mordechai Blau

Major: Psychology

Graduation: May 2022

Story: Starting college can be a very overwhelming experience, especially for those who do not know many people before they begin. When I came to Yeshiva University, I had the privilege of starting with my friends and [already] knowing older students on campus. However, towards the end of the Fall Semester of 2020, I became aware that many students were not in the same position as I was. Furthermore, the COVID-19 restrictions did not allow for social gatherings, which meant there were no opportunities for students to interact and meet new people. 

I approached the student council of YU with the idea of creating a mentorship program. The idea consisted of pairing the first-year students with a mentor tailored to their needs, to offer guidance, information and camaraderie. Additionally, the upperclassmen would gain skills and experience by serving as mentors for the first-year students. The members of student council were big proponents of this idea and were more than happy to fund the program. Student Council President Zachary Greenberg connected me with the SGC. With the help of Matthew Garcia, we created the Wilf Mentorship Program, where we paired 35 first-year students with 35 upperclassmen. The pairs were made based on the students’ majors, hometown, extracurricular activities and many other criteria. The program was unbelievably successful; pairs met every two weeks to discuss how college was going. Additionally, the Wilf Mentorship Program ran events and had a sweatshirt giveaway at the end of the year. The following members of the YU student council played a crucial role in the creation of the Wilf Mentorship Program: Akiva Poppers, Josh Weinstein, Zachary Greenberg, Zach Israeli, Elazar Abrahams, Benji Halpern, Baruch Lerman and Gilad Menashe. A special thank you to Matthew Garcia for all the help in creating the program. Lastly, thank you to Ari Rosenthal who took over the Wilf Mentorship Program and is currently running the program this semester [Fall 2021]. I hope that the program continues helping first-year college students make their transition a smooth and meaningful experience!

Name: Dani Weingarten

Major: Masters in Speech-Language Pathology 

Graduation: May 2022

Upon graduation from the Katz School and receiving my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology, I began my clinical fellowship at New York Neurogenic, Speech-Language Pathology. I built a caseload of patients ranging from ages 1-101 years as well as with a variety of different diagnoses. After completing my clinical fellowship I received my Certificate  of Clinical Competence and received my license as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  I continue to practice at New York Neurogenic. This fall I have been given the incredible opportunity to serve as an associate professor  teaching young women at Stern the foundation of the field that I love so much! 

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