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Content Managers Playbook

A content manager (CM) oversees and makes all changes to the content and assets (e.g., videos, images, etc.) on his/her site. CMs are also responsible for reviewing their site regularly to ensure content and assets are constantly fresh and remain relevant to their users.

The head of a department or school assigns the content manager.

Your department head must email Vickey Edge and include the name of the person who will be the content manager of your department’s website.

You can only gain access to your site in the CMS after you’ve received CMS training with a member of the CPA staff. CPA will coordinate the training once it receives the email from your department head of the new CM. Once you’ve completed your training and permissions have been granted, you have access to the CMS 24/7, barring any unforeseen issues.

Your department head must email Vickey Edge with the name of the new content manager.

Email Vickey Edge and specify the exact name of the navigation that you want to rename and what its new nomenclature should be.

Complete the New Page Request Form. We strongly recommend that you bookmark this form.

Content managers only have access to their own site. If you see something on another YU site that you believe needs to be changed, email Vickey Edge and be sure to include the name of the site. CPA will then send you the name of that site's content manager, so you can discuss further with her/him (typically, CPA is not involved in such discussions).

CPA supports the University’s content management system (CMS) and will be happy to help you with any questions you have specifically about our CMS. For questions about all other applications, systems, programs, and platforms, Academic Computing or IT might be able to assist. In addition, there are many online tutorials, including on YouTube.

Yeshiva University follows the YU Style Guide (PDF).

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