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Faculty Marketing and Communications Resources

Marketing and Communications

As a faculty member at Yeshiva University, you have access to various channels that can help you effectively communicate your work and engage with your audience. Understanding and utilizing these channels can greatly enhance your marketing and communications efforts. Here are the four primary channels:


Paid channels involve investing in advertising to promote your work. Some examples of paid channels include:

YU Today cover
  • Online advertising platforms (such as social media ads)
  • Sponsored content and print advertisements in newspapers or magazines

Available opportunities:

Online advertising: the most notable and impactful advertising campaign that runs year-round is Faculty With Impact, and it reaches three million people - university leadership across the US, prospective students and alumni, and parents of prospective students every year.

Print advertising: YU Today is the semi-annual magazine that appears in Wall Street Journal. This publication focuses on profiles of compelling faculty, students and alumni at YU. 

The following Jewish publications will run sponsored content, all reaching thousands of people within the local Modern Orthodox community: Jewish Link, Five Towns Times and Jewish Standard. Please submit  content or story ideas for consideration for these publications to: and


Earned channels refer to publicity or exposure gained through efforts other than paid advertising. Some examples of earned channels include:

  • Media coverage of YU press releases, events and pitches
  • Public speaking engagements and interviews
  • Guest blogging or article contributions

Available opportunities:

For all three examples, our team partners with a premier public relations agency so that faculty have access to world-leading media outlets that reach millions of people. We work directly with deans to provide us a funnel of faculty achievements, but we also like to hear directly from faculty. To be considered for promotion, please submit your story ideas and research successes  to: and


Shared channels involve leveraging existing platforms or networks to amplify your message. Some examples of shared channels include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Available opportunities:

Across all the YU main social media platforms, we have over 70,000 followers. We are always looking for great content to share with our audiences. View our social channels to get a sense of what content we share. Please submit your idea for a social post or video to and


Owned channels are platforms that we have complete control over. Some examples of owned channels include:

  • Your personal website or faculty profile on the university website
  • Blogs posts on YU’s website
  • Podcasts
  • Email newsletter to the YU community 

Available opportunities:

By utilizing a combination of these channels, you can effectively promote your work, reach a wider audience, and enhance your personal brand as a faculty member at Yeshiva University. Please submit blog story ideas to: and

Contact Us for Promotion

The marketing and communication team would like to hear from you. Reach out to: and

Why Promote Your Accomplishments?

As a faculty member at Yeshiva University, promotion and effective communication of your work hold immense value for the University. Here's how your promotion benefits the university:

Enhancing Reputation

By actively promoting your research, expertise, and achievements, you contribute to enhancing the reputation of Yeshiva University. Your success reflects positively on the institution and helps build its credibility and prestige within the community.

Attracting Students

Your promotion plays a crucial role in attracting prospective students to Yeshiva University. By showcasing your expertise and accomplishments, you demonstrate the university's commitment to academic excellence and provide potential students with compelling reasons to choose YU as their educational institution.

Alumni Engagement

Effective promotion helps in engaging and maintaining connections with Yeshiva University alumni. Sharing updates about your research, publications, and notable achievements not only keeps alumni informed but also fosters a sense of pride and loyalty towards the university, leading to increased alumni involvement and support.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Your promotion can also contribute to fostering partnerships and collaborations with other academic institutions, community organizations, and industry professionals. By highlighting your expertise and research interests, you create opportunities for collaboration, joint projects, and knowledge sharing, which ultimately benefits Yeshiva University's academic community.

Funding and Grants

Effective promotion of your work can attract attention from funding agencies, foundations, and philanthropists who may be interested in supporting research initiatives at Yeshiva University. Your ability to showcase the impact and relevance of your work increases the university's chances of securing external funding and grants for further research and academic endeavors.

Faculty Recruitment and Retention

By actively promoting your work and the opportunities available at Yeshiva University, you contribute to attracting and retaining talented faculty members. Your success stories and the supportive academic environment you showcase through your promotion efforts make Yeshiva an attractive destination for top-tier faculty talent.

Remember, your promotion not only benefits you as an individual faculty member but also has a profound impact on Yeshiva University as a whole. By effectively utilizing various marketing and communication channels, you can help elevate the university's profile, attract diverse opportunities, and contribute to its continued growth and success.

Fosters Awareness About YU’s Positive Role in the Community

YU’s students, faculty and staff are constantly giving back to the local community. Promoting your work fosters public awareness of the benefits YU brings to the community and helps create goodwill on the local level. 

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