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Fall 2021 Course Offerings

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The Holocaust: An Interdisciplinary Exploration

Instructor: Dr. Shay Pilnik

The Holocaust of European Jewry or the Shoah, the murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany and its collaborators in a variety of countries across the world, is a dark chapter in the history of mankind whose impact, long-term and far-reaching ramifications cannot be exaggerated. The interdisciplinary exploration offered in this course, with guest speakers from a variety of fields – Film, Literature, Memory Studies, Fine Arts, Sociology, Theology, Education and more – constitutes a new way to understand this new and growing academic discipline and grasp its magnitude.

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The Holocaust in Global Cinema

Instructor: Dr. Rachel Baum

This class looks at how the Holocaust is represented in films from around the world. We will look at how Holocaust films draw on familiar genres and themes, sometimes in problematic ways, and how they address — or fail to address — the challenges of representing the Holocaust. We will explore how a country’s understanding of its relationship to the Holocaust can be seen in the films it produces, sometimes in contradictory ways. Students will need to purchase a monthly streaming subscription to view the films.

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The Holocaust: Special Issues Relating to Rescue

Instructor: Dr. Mordecai Paldiel

In this course we will review the Holocaust’s geographical context in different European countries, either under German occupation or allied with the Germans, as well as analyze the different responses to the Holocaust: of Jewish leaders and ordinary Jews, or Christian clergy across Europe, of governments, organizations and individuals. Finally, we will study the realization of potentially larger rescue possibilities during the Holocaust, as based on other similar efforts actually undertaken.

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Genocide in the Modern Age

Instructor: Dr. Dan Haumschild

This course examines the pairing between two seemingly odd products of the modern age: progress and genocide. Throughout the course, we will explore this tension while surveying crimes against humanity that span four continents. Through comparative analysis we will build a greater understanding of the relationship between power and mass violence, the psychology of perpetration, and current trends in mass atrocity prevention. Ultimately, we’ll pursue why communities continue to be lured toward totalizing destruction even in the midst of reciting ‘Never Again’.

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Destruction of European Jewry: 1933 - 1945

Instructor: Dr. Joshua Zimmerman

The ideological roots of Nazi anti-Semitism, the breakdown of democratic institutions in Weimar Germany, Hitler’s seizure of power, anti-Jewish policy and legislation in pre-WWII Germany, ghettoization in Nazioccupied Europe, and the conception and implementation of the Final Solution. The Judenräte, Jewish resistance, life in the ghettos and camps, and the reactions of the Allied governments and the churches to Nazi genocidal policies. Comparison of the fate of Jews indifferent countries.

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