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The Emil A. and Jenny Fish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies strives to build a cadre of teachers, professional and lay leaders across the United States who are committed to Holocaust Education and Remembrance, ready to meet the challenges that the field is facing as survivors of the Holocaust are passing away and awareness of the subject in public memory is fading.

Through courses, lectures, conferences, research and more, the Fish Center is dedicated to the study of the Shoah (Holocaust) from a perspective steeped in the history, culture, religion, and spiritual life of the Jewish civilization annihilated by the Nazis and their collaborators.

Additionally, the Center focuses on the study of modern genocides, both preceding and succeeding the Holocaust. It leverages the renowned YU faculty, alongside scholars and researchers from across the globe, in coursework and programs covering a variety of disciplines and fields: history, law, social work, education, theology, psychology and more. Through its planned lectures, workshops, seminars and communal resources and activities, the Fish Center aims to ensure that the Shoah and other genocides will continue to be remembered and further studied.

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