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Katz School Faculty Updates


Dean Paul Russo and cybersecurity program director Sivan Tehila shared their expertise and insights on the resilience to disinformation and cybersecurity talent development, respectively, at Cybertech NYC, the largest conference on cybersecurity in North America.

Artificial Intelligence Instructor David Sweet authored Tuning Up: From A/B Testing to Bayesian Optimization (Manning Publications).

DMM Program Director Joseph Panzarella published the e-book Continued Success: The Insider’s Guide to Reaching and Maintaining Success in the Amazing World of Data Analytics.

Speech-Language Pathology Director Marissa Barrera presented “The Clinical Application of Ultrasound for the Rehabilitation of Swallowing” at the RehabMedTech & Innovation Online Symposium (REMTIOS) at the GSBE Global Academy in Hong Kong. She also presented, “Advances in Treatment of Speech and Swallowing Disorders for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis: What Every Patient Needs to Know,” during a nationally syndicated Multiple Sclerosis Foundation: Expert Teleconference Series.

Katz Physics Professors Sergey Buldyrev and Gabriel Cwilich published “Distribution of Blackouts in the Power Grid and the Motter and Lai Model” in Physical Review E.

Physics Professor Gabriel Cwilich presented “Distribution of the Sizes of the Blackouts in Power Grids, Synthetic Models, and the Motter and Lai Model Under Different Dynamical Rules and Criteria of Overload” at the meeting of the American Physical Society. He also presented “Random Sequential Absorption of k-mers in Bethe lattices” at the Universidad Nacional de San Luis (Argentina).

SLP Clinical Assistant Professor Troy Dargin is co-author of the article, “Voice and Lifestyle Behaviors of Speech-Language Pathology Students: Impact of History Gathering Method on Self-reported Data,” which appeared in the Journal of Voice.

Cybersecurity Program Director Sivan Tehila published “Same cyber threats, better solutions as impact of data breaches skyrocketed in 2020” for Security. She published “What Behavioral Experts Can Teach Us About Security” in Health Net Security.

Cybersecurity Instructor Tia Hopkins appeared in Cyber Defense Magazine’s Top 100 Women in Cybersecurity and The Software Report’s Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity.

OT Clinical Assistant Professor Alex Wagner published “Aging in Place with Age-Related Cognitive Changes: The Impact of Caregiving Support and Finances” in Societies.

PA Clinical Assistant Professor Dwayne Williams presented on three topics at the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants (NCAPA) at its 2021 winter conference: cardiac diseases related to COVID-19, heart failure, and the ABCs of ABGs [arterial blood gases].



Mathematics Professor Marian Gidea, Physics Professor Fredy Zypman and Mathematics Adjunct Instructor Wai-Ting Lam were awarded a $412,000 National Science Foundation grant for their work on “Surface Gravity of Rotating Dumbbell Shapes.”

In addition, Dr. Lam was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship (MPS-ASCEND) by the National Science Foundation to conduct research on celestial mechanics, focusing on asteroids, at Florida Atlantic University with Dr. Jason Mireles-James.