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Sergey Buldyrev


Professor of Physics

Other, Saint Petersburg State University, 1988
Other, Saint Petersburg State University, 1977

Professor Sergey Buldyrev received his MS in mathematical physics and his PhD in physics and mathematics from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. For 14 years, he was a research associate at the Center for Polymer Studies, Boston University.

Professor Buldyrev's interests include thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, classical mechanics, computational physics, and the theory of complex systems.

Professor Buldyrev has published over 280 papers in refereed journals, e.g. S. V. Buldyrev, R. Parshani, G. Paul, H. E. Stanley, and S. Havlin, “Catastrophic cascade of failures in interdependent networks,” Nature 464, 1025-1028 (2010)


Wilf campus - Belfer Hall


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Spring 2018
Computational Methods Phys Sci
PHY 3301


General Physics IV
PHY 2052R


Fall 2017
General Physics III
PHY 2051R


General Physics III-Recitation
PHY 2051T


Intro to Quantum Mechanics
PHY 1621


Selected Topics Seminar
MAT 5930


Spring 2017
Computational Methods Phys.Sci
PHY 3301H


General Physics IV
PHY 2052R


Physics Colloquium
PHY 4935


Readings in Mathematics
MAT 6452


Thesis Preparation
MAT 6705