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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Program Is Right for Me?

Q. I recently graduated college and am looking to study education on a graduate level. I don’t have much classroom experience yet. I see that you have many programs—which is best for me?
The Pre-Service Master’s Program is for you. The program requires a full-time commitment, but you can earn your degree and get rich student teaching experience in only one year!

Q. I’m going to be a junior in Yeshiva College/Stern College for Women and would love to get a head start on my graduate education studies. Can I start taking graduate courses early? How long would it take to complete the program?
The BA/MS Program allows students to begin graduate studies while completing their bachelor’s degrees. However, students need to be in the final year of their undergraduate studies to qualify for the program. Hang in there for one more year!

Q. I’m between jobs and thinking about going back to school for a degree in education. What would you recommend?
For you, the Pre-Service Master’s Program is perfect. By devoting just one year to your graduate studies, you can earn your master’s degree and get valuable on-the-job training and classroom experience.

Q. I’m entering the smicha program and looking for an education program that can also fulfill my RIETS co-requisite requirement. Any suggestions?
Our Smicha Student Master’s Program provides just that: It allows smicha students to continue their rabbinical studies in a rigorous manner while concurrently studying toward a degree in education. However, the program is available only for students entering their third year of smicha and continues through the end of the fourth year. Students finish their four year of smicha with rabbinic ordination and an MS in education. So focus on your smicha studies for the next two years, and we’ll see you in year three!

More Questions?

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