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Tanakh and Halacha [Jewish law] are taught twice a week. Tanakh study revolves around central stories and themes, as expounded by the classic commentaries.

In this program, students complete the entire Neviim Rishonim. The Halacha component focuses on the basic laws students will need throughout life, including the laws of Shabbat, Kashrut, family law, daily life and synagogue, among others.

Sunday classes are dedicated to Jewish thought, focusing on both classic as well as contemporary issues.

Talmud study starts with a beit midrash-seder component, followed by shiur. The goal of Talmud instruction is for students to attain skills with the aim of continuing Talmud studies beyond graduation, in such settings as Daf Yomi, community kollelim and chavrusa learning.

Required Texts

Talmidim are required to purchase the Talmudic Tractate that their shiur is learning. This can be purchased at any local Seforim store or online.

Registration Forms

Click here to download the Fall 2016 SBMP Registration form.