Talmudic Scholarship

Students in MYP have varied professional and academic interests but are united in their desire to develop in Talmudic scholarship and knowledge of Halacha [Jewish law].

The heart of the curriculum is the intensive study of Talmud and commentaries, designed to give students a firm foundation in traditional learning skills and in the mastery of original texts, offer direction in both learning and character and foster an appreciation of the Judaic heritage.

Jewish Tradition

In addition to the core classes in Talmud, elective classes and lectures on related texts, Mussar [ethics] and contemporary topics emphasize the continuity of Jewish tradition from Sinai to the present.

Night Seder

An integral part of MYP is the highly successful voluntary night seder in the beit midrash [study hall], overseen by the faculty. Students also have the opportunity to attend shiurim [lectures] in Bekiut [mastery of large portions of Talmud], Iyun [in-depth Talmud study] and Machshava [Jewish thought[ .

Special prizes are handed out to students who come to night seder and successfully learn the required material. 

Batei Midrashot

The batei midrashot [study halls] remain the intellectual focus of MYP, as the beit midrash has been the academic heart of great centers of Jewish learning through the ages.

The new Jacob and Dreizel Glueck Center for Jewish Study has a two-story, 470-seat beit midrash and state-of-the-art study resources.

The Harry Fischel Synagogue Study Hall (Beit Midrash), renovated in 1979 and refurbished in 1998 through a major gift by the late Joseph S. and Caroline Gruss, is MYP's main beit midrash. The Annex (Zysman Hall 102-103), immediately opposite the Harry Fischel Synagogue Study Hall, provides additional study space.

The Rabbi Hyman Muss Torah Learning Center and Beit Midrash complex was built in 1997 to accommodate a growing number of students.

Required Texts

Talmidim are required to purchase the Talmudic Tractate that their shiur is learning. This can be purchased at any local Seforim store or online.

Registration Forms

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