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Photography Policy


To ensure quality photography for your event, Procurement Services and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs have identified a list of approved/contracted photographers below. You are required to use a photographer on this approved vendor list for your event. Responsibility for getting budget approval, hiring a photographer, ensuring issuance of a purchase order and coordinating the photographer's work at the event resides with the department sponsoring the event.

Should you desire assistance in choosing the right photographer for your specific event, you may contact Jonathan Ori in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at 212.960.5400, x5859, for a recommendation.

Click on the accordions below for additional information.

The following guidelines have been instituted by the Office of Procurement Services and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to ensure quality photography and timely receipt of your important pictures. Failure to follow this approved process can result in loss of photos, additional expense or refusal of payment.

  1. Contact the Office of Campus Events to schedule your event, complete the Event Request Form and indicate your intent to contract for Photography Services.
  2. Please fill out the request form Someone will be in touch with you about your photography or video request and will provide you an estimate for the project. If you have any questions, please email
  3. In compliance with University purchasing policies and procedures, enter a Purchase Requisition for the photography services.
  4. Upon approval of the Purchase Requisition by the Office of Finance and Office of Procurement Services, a Purchase Order and a contract with the photographer for the services will be executed.
  5. The freelance photographer will shoot your event, process the photographs and send them to you digitally.
  6. A copy of your photos will be sent by the photographer to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, where it will be reviewed and placed in the University photo archive.


Should you need or choose to cancel an event, you must notify your contracted photographer and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs as far in advance of the scheduled event date and time as possible. You must meet any cancellation fees set forth by the vendor in his or her contract. Procurement Services and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs are not responsible for negotiating cancellation fees.

You have been approved as a contractor for Yeshiva University and its many colleges and affiliated schools, departments and staff. Please note the following guidelines and requirements that govern all photography work done on behalf of Yeshiva University.

  1. Individual departments are required to contract directly with University-approved photographers for their events. Standard Procurement policy is to be followed for all jobs and requires that you ensure receipt of a Purchase Order number from the department before commencing any work. (Within reason--if it is a rush job, Procurement Services will work with you and the department to enable the work to proceed.)
  2. You are free to estimate projects at whichever rate you see fit, based on the parameters of each individual project. The department(s) will decide which approved photographer to use for its event.
  3. You must notify the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, within two (2) business days, when you have been contracted for a job by a department. Your notification, either via phone or email, should include all the pertinent information about the job: Subject, Date, Time, Location, and Department and Contact Person by whom you were hired.
  4. When the job is completed, make sure to send the images to both the client/department who hired you, as well as the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. All photos must be numbered and labeled. 


When providing estimates and contracting for a job, please make clear your standard cancellation policy. If a job is canceled, you must notify the Office of Communications and Public Affairs within 24 hours, unless the job is canceled less than 24 hours before the originally scheduled job time, at which point you should please notify CPA immediately. 

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