Yeshiva University provides comprehensive offerings in mathematics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our Department of Mathematical Sciences offers programs leading to the BA in mathematics at Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women.

Pre-actuarial and computer tracks are available for the mathematics major at both campuses.

Graduate Mathematics Programs

Additionally, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers graduate programs leading to an MA in mathematics and a PhD in mathematical sciences. Through the master’s program, students refine and develop their skills under the supervision of highly research-active faculty mentors, while the PhD program emphasizes individual study in one or more areas of research pursued by the faculty.

The department also offers a one-year graduate sequence in risk management open to qualified undergraduates.

Advanced Computer Facilities and Honors Courses

Computer facilities include a 144-core "Beowulf" cluster, which is connected to the clusters at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. These clusters are used by graduate and advanced undergraduate students for faculty-directed research. Honors courses include an elective in industrial computing in which students plan, develop and deploy an application for Android smart phones.

Research Opportunities

Summer programs for graduate and advanced undergraduate students have included workshops on mathematical aspects of artificial intelligence and financial engineering, and sponsored research on the modeling of shock waves. Doctoral students may participate in faculty research on high-speed aerodynamics; geometric analysis; the theory of risk; operations management; mathematical aspects of high-energy, statistical, plasma, and condensed-matter physics; and artificial intelligence.