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Logo & Identity

The Yeshiva University shield is the most immediately recognizable element of the University’s visual identity. 

Please review the following information carefully and contact our offices if you have any questions, or to obtain official lockups for individual schools, units and programs.


High-Resolution Files

Please note that the shields, logotypes and lockups shown on this site are lower-resolution and not suitable for commercial printing.
If you require high-resolution/vector-print-quality versions of the Yeshiva University shield or other visual identity items, please contact our office.
One of our branding experts will get back to you shortly.

Visual Identity


Yeshiva University’s visual identity has two components: The shield and the words “Yeshiva University” (shown immediately above, and known as a “lockup”).

The use and presentation of the lockup depend on the particular project. Several approved versions are available to suit a variety of different contexts. 

These low resolution files are available for download.


There are also secondary and tertiary lockups identifying schools, programs and departments. Please contact us for examples and guidelines on using these resources.

Schools and affiliates that will retain their existing identity are listed on p. 22.

Prohibited changes to the lockup include altering the logo, modifying type or colors, not preserving proportions and using frames or other embellishments.

Please note: The shields, logotype variations and lockups used on this site are lower-resolution and not suitable for commercial printing. Please contact us to request high-resolution files for your project.

University Flame

The Yeshiva University flame cannot be used on printed materials or Web sites. Please contact us to learn more about usage of the University flame.

Special Cases

It may be necessary to use another institution's logo along with the YU logo—for example, when co-sponsoring an event.

Using Logos Together In Print

When positioning another logo alongside the YU logo, it is important to ensure that its height does not exceed the height of the shield. A partner logo should never dominate the YU logo. The size should be adjusted to create a visual balance where both logos have equal presence.

The logos should appear as signature marks—on the bottom or back of the printed piece.

The YU logo should always be placed first.

Using Logos Together Online

On Yeshiva University Web sites, partner logos may not appear within the top-of-screen YU branding, and partner contact information may not appear in the bottom-of-screen footer.

Partner logos may appear elsewhere on screens only in accordance with the print guidelines given earlier: i.e. with the YU logo appearing first, and with a visual balance created between the YU logo and partner logo(s).