YU Shield Trademark circuit 2 pencils


There are three main colors in Yeshiva University's visual identity: Yeshiva Blue, Yeshiva Black and Yeshiva Gray.

Yeshiva Blue should be used with single-color projects. In projects with two or more colors, Yeshiva Blue is the dominant color, and Yeshiva Gray is the secondary color.

Following you will find the official colors accompanied by breakdowns in the Pantone Matching System (used in commercial printing), the CMYK color model (for four-color printing), the RGB color model (for certain electronic applications) and HTML (for websites). You can also contact our office for more information.

Note: The color models shown below are accurate, but different media, devices and applications inevitably produce slightly different output. Please choose the color model best suited to your particular project, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.


YU branding colors