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Gemara Track

9:00-11:45 AM | Gemara Seder

11:45-12:45 AM | Gemara Shiur

Tanach Track

9:00-11:45 AM | Tanach Seder

11:45-12:45 AM | Tanach Shiur

Halacha Track

2:00-3:30 PM | Halacha Seder

3:30-5:30 PM | Halacha Shiur

All Tracks

Monday 9:00-9:30 AM | Machshava Class

Wednesday 1:00-2:00 PM | Weekly Lunch & Learn



Students can join part time for Talmud or Tanach Morning Seder or Halacha Seder.


Students who are full time can also qualify for 12 credits towards the Masters of Arts in Bible at the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies.

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