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GPATS Placement Office


The Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) is a two-year masters program that provides women an opportunity for post-college, high-level study to further their growth in Torah knowledge and skills. There are two tracks within the program: Gemara and Halacha, and Tanach and Halacha. GPATS Scholars serve as powerful role models for Modern Orthodox women and are instrumental in the advancement of Torah knowledge.

GPATS alumni are the female leaders and educators of today, and our mission is to create more female scholars and role models for the next generation.

While enrolled in GPATS, students engage with different groups and programs to refine their teaching and presentation skills as well as contribute to the Torah scholarship of different communities.

The GPATS Program has recently added a Shana Gimmel (third-year) to the program and look forward to finding more opportunities for women who choose to stay for the additional year of learning and growth.


GPATS encourages students to pursue opportunities at synagogues, schools and other Jewish institutions.

  • Invite a GPATS Student to teach a class in-person or on Zoom
  • Welcome GPATS Students to your synagogue for a Shabbaton or GPATS-in-Residence program
  • Hire a GPATS-in-Residence for your school or synagogue**

These “GPATS-in-Residence” have many advantages:

  1. The community will benefit from an additional Torah scholar who has been educated at the highest level and who will offer a fresh perspective on Torah scholarship.
  2. The GPATS-in-Residence will greatly benefit from this unique experience in her pursuit of a career in Jewish communal service.
  3. Bringing a GPATS-in-Residence to your synagogue or school represents an acknowledgement by the Modern Orthodox community that women play an equal and important role in imparting Torah knowledge.

Bring a GPATS Student to your synagogue on a regular basis for an enhanced Shabbat of learning and teaching.  Opportunities for weekday programming also available. 



Past Synagogue GPATS-in-Residence and programs include:

Keter Torah
Lincoln square synagogue
Mount Sinai Hospital logo
Jamaica Estates Young Israel
Shalhevet Friedman Logo
Stern College logo
Torah Tutors
United Orthodox Synagogue
West Hartford logo
Young Israel synagogue
Young Israel of Scarsdale

For more information, e-mail the Coordinator for GPATS Placement,
Ms. Keren Simon, at with the Subject: GPATS Placement.

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