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Inside the GPATS Beit Midrash

Graduate Program in Advanced Talmud/Tanach Studies

GPATS Learning Initiative


Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program For Advanced Talmud/Tanach Studies Presents:

OnlineTextual learning with GPATS Faculty and Alumni. 


Gemara Skills Crash Course: Sanhedrin with Dena Block 

Wednesdays: 12:00 -1:00 p.m.
November 30-January 4

In the Beginners Gemara Crash Course we will work on acquiring Gemara learning skills, including reading, understanding and analysis. We will develop our skills through the exploration of Sanhedrin Perek 8. Some of the sugyot we will learn and analyze include take one life to save another and Kiddush Hashem. Please note this course is independent of last semester's and you can sign up even if you didn't join us last semester.


Miraculous Days For Israel- From Purim to Pesach with Rabbi David Nachbar

Motzei Shabbat - 9:00 - 10:00 p.m.
February 18,25 - March 25

Rosh Chodesh Adar inaugurates a series of celebratory chagim that mark miraculous episodes of national salvation in Jewish history. The process spans the months of Adar and Nissan and links our celebrations of Purim and Pesach. This series will explore timely topics pertaining to Purim and Pesach and their related mitzvot through a careful text study of the Gemara and Rishonim.


Parshanut: Medieval Commentators’ Methodologies with Dr. Michelle Levine

This Parshanut course will explore the analytical methodology of our medieval commentators as they aim to elucidate the dynamics of biblical texts using the tools of peshat and derash. We will focus on the commentaries of Rashi, Rashbam, Ramban, and Seforno.

Siddur Kiddushin: An In-Depth Look at Key Wedding Halakhot With Rabbi Gedalyah Berger

We will trace the development of several, essential, practical halakhot under the chuppah, including issues concerning the ring, the witnesses, and the berakhot.

Past Programs: 

GPATS Learning Initiative past program


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