University Operations and the Office of Events are pleased to announce the implementation of a new event billing process for the Wilf and Israel Henry Beren Campuses. 
While event charges are not new, this process will allow you to gain a better understanding on costs, budget implications and add additional transparency while planning your events. We hope this will help you determine which spaces and layouts best meet your department’s needs.
Below are costs for events that take place during regular building hours, Monday through Friday.  Events that require a set up not included on this form, take place after regular building hours, occur on Sundays, and for external organizations will require approval and custom quotes from University Operations.  
Please note: These costs are only for events that require a set up and/or if food is served. Use of classrooms and conference rooms as is with no food present remain free of charge for university departments and student organizations.
The event request process will remain the same and are to be entered into the 25Live event scheduling system. Once confirmed, your event confirmation email will include these costs.
Please note your event confirmation is an estimate. Last minute changes and extensive cleaning afterwards requires additional staff, which will increase the cost of an event. The final charge will continue to come from the Department of University Operations. With this streamlined process, charges will come much closer to the date of your actual event and will correlate directly with the quote you received when scheduling the event.

We are hopeful that this will allow for a smarter event planning process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at and


Please click here for the fee schedule