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The Treasury Operations Department is responsible for accounting for all cash received. This includes cash deposited directly by the department and that which is deposited by other departments throughout the University. In addition, the department maintains all outside banking relationships, prepares all bank reconciliations and oversees short-term investments, day-to-day cash flow and long-term debt initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to establish a bank account for a project or initiative?
Please note that Treasury Operations is the only department in the University authorized to establish a bank account using the federal ID of the University or its affiliates. It is not necessary to open new bank accounts to track your expenses. Instead, departments should work with Accounting Services to establish new general ledger accounts.

Is it possible to pay a vendor by wire transfer?
It is possible to pay vendors by wire, but it is usually done only under unusual circumstances.

How do I deposit checks or other monies I have received for my department or project?
All deposits should be brought to the department for accuracy verification of the amount, payees endorsements, the correct bank account and general ledger number.

Whom do I contact with questions about a Form 1099?
Contact Accounts Payable at 212.960.5464 or 718.430.3011.

Whom do I contact with questions about a W-2 form?
Contact Payroll at 212.960.5466 or 718.430.2207.

How do I obtain financial information about the University?
Contact Leighton O'Sullivan, director of accounting services.

How do I obtain University tax information?
Contact Alan Kluger, director of tax and compliance.