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Business Affairs

Accounting Services is responsible for processing all University financial transactions so that they can be properly documented and reported. Our primary responsibilities are compiling "actual" (rather than budgeted or projected) financial data, issuing monthly financial results, supporting/maintaining administrative level compliance, safeguarding University financial and physical assets, and the successful completion of the annual audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contribute to the financial health of the University by familiarizing yourself with your budget and financial statements. You can also help by making sure to alert Accounting Services about year-end financial transactions to ensure the information is reported in the proper year.  Accounting alerts the University community that the end of the fiscal year is approaching through email messages in early summer. If you have any questions, please be in touch with Joseph Dandic, director of accounting services.

Contact the senior accountant, Dena Mercado, with any questions relating to your accounts.

Distribution of University financial information is carefully monitored. If you believe you have a need for such information, please contact the director of accounting services, Joseph Dandic, who will determine if the information should be distributed.

Contact Accounts Payable at 212.960.5464 or 718.430.3011.

Contact Payroll at 212.960.5466 or 718.430.2207.

Contact Alan Kluger, director of tax and compliance.

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