students praying

About Us

Our students come from around the world. They participate in inspirational Shabbat retreats and enjoy Shabbat hospitality in the homes of mentors, teachers and community leaders. The program offers its own daily minyan, but students may join one of the many prayer services held on campus.

Our faculty and staff believe the key to a successful Torah learning experience is creating a warm relationship between students and teachers. To help create such a bond, we guide each student toward an individualized course of study. To register, students meet with the Director, who evaluates the student's skills and interests and then pairs him with teachers.

Class are small and intimate. Teachers serve as advisers on an ongoing basis. Many share their phone numbers with their students, and all treat students with respect, concern and regard. Many teachers live on campus and on a regular basis open their homes to host students in the program. The regular off-campus weekend retreats also provide opportunities for students to learn fromĀ  teachers and friends in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Selected rabbinical students from YU's affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary act as mentors for men in the program. They serve as tutors and partners to assist students with course work and adjustment to campus life.