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    The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.


    Barbara Blatner, Lecturer in English (W)

    Deb Brown, Adjunct Instructor in English (B)

    William Daddi, Adjunct Instructor in English (B)

    Andrea Efthymiou , Instructor in English (B);
          Associate Director, The Beren Writing Center

    Lauren Fitzgerald, Associate Professor of English (W);
          Director, The Wilf Writing Center
          Co-Chair, English Department
    Paula Geyh, Associate Professor of English (W)

    Gina Grimaldi, Adjunct Instructor in English (B)

    Joanne Jacobson
    , Professor of English (W);

     Joy Ladin, David & Ruth Gottesman Professor of English (B); 
          Director, The Beren Writing Center

    David Lavinsky
    , Assistant Professor of English (W)

    Will Lee, Associate Professor of English (W)

    Rob Longert, Adjunct Instructor in English (B)

    Matt Miller, Associate Professor of English (B)

    Erik Mintz, Adjunct Instructor in English (B)

    Nora Nachumi, Associate Professor of English (B)

    Adam Zachary Newton, University Professor (W);
          Ronald P. Stanton Chair in Literature and Humanities

    Richard Nochimson, Professor of English (W)

    Seamus O'Malley, Lecturer in English (B)

    Ann Peters, Associate Professor of English (B)

    Sophie Rosenblum, Adjunct Instructor in English, Creative Writing (Fiction) (B)

    Liesl Schwabe, Lecturer in English (W)
         Director, Writing Program

    Linda Shires, David and Ruth Gottesman Professor of English (B);
          Co-Chair, Department of English

    Norma Silbermintz, Adjunct Instructor in English (W)

    Elizabeth Stewart
    , Associate Professor of English (W)

    Fred Sugarman, Adjunct Instructor in English (W);
         Associate Dean of Yeshiva College

    Alan Tigay, Adjunct Instructor in English (B)

    Cynthia Wachtell, Research Associate Professor of American Studies (B);
          Director, S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program

    Manfred Weidhorn, Professor of English (W);
          Abraham S. and Irene Guterman Chair in English Literature

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