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Wurzweiler Alum Publishes Book on 'Expanding Potential'

Expanding Potential book coverWurzweiler School of Social Work alum Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown ('14) recently published his new book, Expanding Potential: Journeying Beyond Who We Think We Are.

Published by Mosaica Press, the book takes a deep dive into the topic of human potential, exploring themes such as empowerment, vulnerability, courage and growth. Set against the backdrop of the Jewish calendar, Expanding Potential is an opportunity to discover who we truly are beneath the many layers of defense mechanisms and protective armor in which we dress ourselves when we step out to embrace the world around us. It's a chance to rebel against the identities others confine us to, in favor of the ones we create for ourselves as we develop across the year.

Expanding Potential follows Muskat-Brown's first book, Unfolding Potential - A Jewish Journey Of Self-Development, which was published in 2016, also by Mosaica Press.

To learn more about Expanding Potential, click here.