Stern College for Women regards plagiarism as a serious act of academic dishonesty. "Plagiarism" means presenting someone else's work as your own. Plagiarism can be an act of deliberate fraud, such as turning in as your own work a paper wholly or partially cut-and-pasted from the Internet, or it may be an inadvertent error, such as forgetting to cite a source whose ideas you paraphrased or meant to quote.

Instances of plagiarism are reported to the Dean and may become a part of your permanent file. Penalties for plagiarism range from receiving a failing grade on the essay to receiving a failing grade for the course, loss of honors, suspension or expulsion from school.

Whatever the penalty, being caught in an act of plagiarism can poison your relationship with your teacher, the department or the whole college, and may hurt your efforts to continue your education.

If you are confused about citing sources, speak to your teacher and visit the Writing Center.