Information for Faculty

The Beren Writing Center helps students understand writing as a process of thinking, a process that involves many steps and constant revision. This process is different for each student, and we believe that working one-to-one with other writers is an effective way of supporting individual student writers.

The Beren Writing Center supports around a third of all enrolled Beren campus students, across all disciplines. We believe that writers of all skill levels, and at any stage in the writing process, can benefit from talking through their ideas and working with other writers.

You can help us help your students by:

  • Encouraging them to visit the Beren Writing Center.
  • Scheduling a short 5-10 minute presentation, during which time a tutor will visit your class and introduce our services to your students. Contact the Director Dr. Joy Ladin to schedule a class presentation.
  • Including the Writing Center in your syllabus, like this: “Receive FREE help with your writing. Visit the Beren Writing Center in room 714 of 215 Lex. Visit for more information.”

Beren Writing Center administrative staff can also work with faculty to design writing assignments. Contact the Director to discuss specific ways the Writing Center can support you and your course.