Information for Faculty

The Wilf Campus Writing Center has an educational mission. We help students learn how to start, sustain and complete writing on their own. This process supports our students' relationships with their teachers and enhances their overall educational experiences at YU.

We encourage you to encourage your students to use the Writing Center.

As much as we believe that all students would benefit from sharing their work with our tutors, years of experience and the practices of writing centers across the country have taught us that requiring or tying grades to tutoring sessions can have negative results for writers, tutors and even faculty.

Here are ways to encourage—that is, endorse, promote and support—your students' use of the center:

  • Include a statement like this one in your syllabus and/or assignments:
    Free Help with Your Writing! The Writing Center, in Furst 202, offers individualized tutoring that can support your writing for this course. All writers need feedback, even strong ones. Find out more and sign up for appointments at
  • Talk about your own experiences as a teacher of students who have used the Center and as a writer who gets feedback on your work from readers.
  • Contact the director to arrange for an in-class presentation about the center and/or a brief tour of the center for you and your students.