men's chagigah

About Us

Directed by Rabbi Mayer Twersky, a renowned talmid chochom and rosh yeshiva [professor of Talmud], the program offers significant scholarships, up to $25,000. The program includes advanced learning, mentorship and bechinos [tests].

The undergraduate Jewish studies faculty consists of more than 75 leading roshei yeshiva and academic scholars. Many are products of YU's affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS). As a result, they are deeply committed to and immersed in the tenets of the Torah Umadda ideology.

Our faculty teach, lecture and publish across a variety of subjects and contexts—ranging from scholarly articles appearing in Talmudic journals to books on popular culture appearing on

Many faculty members are pulpit rabbis in leading synagogues. They expose students to the teaching and ideas at the forefront of Jewish life. Students respect their faculty not just as accomplished scholars but as moral exemplars, looking to them for guidance on how to live ethical lives. The relationships formed with these outstanding leaders personalize, deepen and distinguish each student's education.