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Associate of Science in Management

Program Overview

The Associate of Science in Management offers students the best of Yeshiva University—a rigorous Jewish and business education combined with our distinctive on-campus experience. Through a carefully planned curriculum, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a data-rich, global business environment. Upon graduation, students have a choice of pathways: if they wish to continue their education, and have proven themselves academically, they can transition to the bachelor’s degree; if they wish to pursue professional opportunities, they will be well equipped to join the business world.

Program Highlights

  • THRIVE in YU’s distinctive on-campus experience and dual curriculum.
  • LAUNCH into an entry-level career with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today’s fast-paced, digitally-connected business world.
  • 2 YEARS + 1 SEMESTER: The AS in Management is a full-time, residential program completed over 5 consecutive semesters or two full years, including 2 fall semesters, 2 spring semesters, and 1 mandatory summer semester.
  • RESIDENCY: ON- CAMPUS HOUSING:  Students’ are required to live on campus during their entire freshmen year.
  • STRUCTURED CURRICULUM: The AS in Management is a cohort-based program, which means that all AS students enroll in the same required courses each semester. Apart from Jewish Studies, the AS course sequence is predetermined (e.g., few elective options).
  • FACULTY: AS courses are taught by an exceptional group of faculty, each committed to the principles of quality instruction. Rather than relying on tests and exams alone, AS courses are frequently project-based, so that students are evaluated on what they build and do. Faculty also build active, one-on-one, and group work into all classes.
  • SUPPORT: The AS in Management offers a small and supportive learning environment. Students receive proactive, dedicated advisement from the start of the program through graduation – both individually and through a weekly seminar taught by the program adviser. One-on-one math and writing support are available, and AS students utilize all YU Student Support offices, including the Career Center, Counseling, Disability Services, and more.
  • JEWISH STUDIES / DUAL CURRICULUM: AS students participate in the University’s Jewish Studies programs, alongside students from Yeshiva College, Stern College, and the Sy Syms School of Business. Within their Jewish Studies program, AS students complete 2 semesters of Hebrew Language and a course in Jewish Engagements.
  • ON-CAMPUS EXPERIENCE: AS students participate fully in YU’s distinctive on-campus experience – including athletics, clubs, organizations, student life, Jewish Life, and on-campus leadership activities.
  • PATHWAY TO BACHELOR’S & BEYOND: Upon successful graduation from the AS in Management, students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher will have the opportunity to enroll in the BS in Business and Management at the Sy Syms School of Business. As with all other transfer students Sy Syms School of Business requires a 2-year residency for Katz students to complete their BS. Students may also apply to other bachelor’s programs and/or professional opportunities. Students will be encouraged to speak to their adviser for more details.

*Students who plan on participating in the gap year YU Israel program may do so by deferring their admission to the following academic year. Acceptance of their Israel credits is up to the discretion of the school the student transfers to after completing his or her associates.  

Dr. Jessica Accurso-Salguero, Program Director

Malka Sigal, Program Manager for Undergraduate Education 
(646) 592-4718

Undergraduate Admissions
(646) 592-4440