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The Chinese-Jewish Conversation





CJC Highlights

Contemporary Guidance From Ancient Philosophers 

Introduction to the Chinese Jewish Conversation


A Jewish Introduction to Chinese Thought. Professor Mordechai Cohen (Yeshiva University)

Chinese Student Experience at Yeshiva University: Ms. Shun Shangguan

Part 1: A New Look at Chinese Philosophy. Professor Roger Ames (Beijing University)

Part 2: What is Confucianism? Professor Roger Ames (Beijing University)

Part 3: Family in the Confucian System. Professor Roger Ames (Beijing University)

Full Program: Making Confucian Philosophy Relevant Today in Comparison with Modern Orthodoxy. Professor Roger Ames (Beijing University) and Mordechai Cohen (Yeshiva University)

Confucian and Torah Values: A Conversation with Professor Roger Ames (Beijing University)

The Riches of Archaeology: Biblical and Chinese 


What's the Chinese Jewish Conversation All About? Introduction to "China and Israel: The Emergence of Ancient States". Professor Mordechai Cohen (Yeshiva University)

Emergence of the State in Ancient Biblical Israel. Professor Jill Katz (Yeshiva University)

Chinese Archaeology and its Interpretations. Debby Li, Honors Student (New York University)

Full Program: China and Israel: How did Ancient States Emerge? Dr. Jill Katz (Yeshiva University) and Debby Li (New York University)

Passion for Discovering Our Ancient Origins, Chinese and Biblical. Debby Li (New York University), Rebecca Zami (Yeshiva University)

What we DON'T we Know: How Biblical and Chinese Archeology Differ. Debby Li (New York University), Rebecca Zami (Yeshiva University)

Insiders vs Outsiders Excavating Our Past- Jewish and Chinese Perspectives. Debby Li (New York University), Rebecca Zami (Yeshiva University)


Ecological Values From Antiquity to Modernity 


Ecological Values, Biblical and Chinese (Highlights):

The Biblical Sabbatical Year and Its Ecological Importance. Professor Mordechai Cohen (Yeshiva University)

Nature in the Bible and Israeli Art and Literature. Dr. Rachel Ofer (Efrata College, Israel)

Imagining an Ecological Civilization: Ancient and Modern Chinese Perspectives. Professor Daniel Gardner (Smith College)

Confucius and Ezra: Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis 


Jewish and Chinese Core Values (Highlights)

Ezra the Scribe and Confucius: Sages Facing Religio-Political Crisis. Professor Mordechai Cohen (Yeshiva University)

Jewish and Chinese Values of Education and Family. Provost Selma Botman (Yeshiva University)

Why Ancient Philosophy in a Modern World? Dr. Gui Albieri (The State University of New York)

Confucius, You Surprised Me! Professor Annping Chin (Yale University)

East Meets West: Jewish Studies in China 

Jerusalem and Beijing, Two Philosophies (Highlights)

Chinese and Western Music (Introduction to the Jerusalem and Beijing Program). Ms. Bihan Li (The Juilliard School)

Teaching about Judaism in China, Dr. Yaakov Nagen (Otniel Yeshiva, Israel)

Jewish Studies in China? A Conversation with Professor Youde Fu (University of Shandong, China)

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