With a growing Chinese student population and strengthening ties to the Chinese community in New York City and China, Yeshiva University is positioned to play a key role in the increasingly important interface between Chinese and Jewish cultures. The Chinese-Jewish Conversation sponsors periodic seminars at YU by Chinese scholars, correlated with corresponding elements in Jewish tradition, as well as informal meetings of students, alumni, and other professionals to foster ties between the Chinese and Jewish communities in NYC and beyond.

Aims of the Chinese-Jewish Conversation:

  • Increase mutual awareness between Chinese and Jewish communities and cultures
  • Provide a welcome space for Chinese students at YU

Some shared challenges of Chinese and Jewish cultures:

  • Upholding core values, such as family and education
  • Studying our classical texts, and understanding how they speak to us today
  • Balancing traditional norms with modern life
  • Relationship between “homeland” and “diaspora”—communities and individuals