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Wurzweiler Student Publishes Article on Voting and the Homeless

I Voted StickerWurzweiler School of Social Work joint MSW/Ph.D. student Allysha Bryant published a piece in New York Amsterdam News on "Voting: Health, the homeless and community."

"For homeless individuals, exercising their right to vote isn't as simple as heading down to the polls and casting a ballot," Bryant writes. "The state requires that individuals register to vote in the district where they have invested interest such as property rights, an established residence, where they work, or attend school. This poses a problem for homeless individuals who may have been displaced from their communities. As a result, many homeless individuals may opt out of voting because they don't think they meet the requirements."

Bryant suggests several initiatives community-based organizations can spearhead to increase voting among those experiencing homelessness, including "registering individuals on site," "assisting individuals in obtaining the appropriate identification documents to bring to the poll site" and "incorporating voter registration questions in intake forms," among others.

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