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Office of Energy & Sustainability

Green My Commute

At Yeshiva University, 4% of our carbon emissions comes from commuting. With the average American driving 12,000 miles a year, we need to do something about it!


Carpooling is good for the environment, and it can drastically decrease your commuting and parking costs. Yeshiva is working with 511 Rideshare, a carpooling matching service, designed to assist you in finding other carpoolers in the area. Contact Human Resources to see how you can find a carpool match and take advantage of the other 511 Rideshare resources.

Shuttle Service

Inter-campus transportation can make your life a lot easier. Take a look at the different shuttle schedules to see what is right for you.

Shuttle Service between Wilf Campus and Beren Campus

Tax-Free MetroCards

If you ride the subway and are an employee of Yeshiva or Einstein, you are eligible to sign up for tax-free MetroCards. To learn more about this program and enroll, visit the Human Resources' Benefits page.


Faculty & Staff

Here are tips and resources that will be useful as we work together to create greener offices, homes and communities.

At Work

Here are some ideas to take into consideration at work:

  • Make sure your office is only buying Energy Star appliances and equipment in accordance with Procurement's Environmentally Preferable Procurement Policy.
  • Transportation consumes about 25% of energy used in the United States. Use public transportation; it is tax free through Yeshiva's benefits program.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Separate your trash, plastic, glass and metal, and paper and newspaper, and participate in RecycleMania.
  • Report leaks, waste, dripping faucets, broken thermostats, or other equipment problems. A small 1/8'' hot water leak can waste 339,600 gallons of water annually costing $6500!

Wilf/ Beren Campuses: Call Facilities at 212-960-5206, M - Th: 9AM to 5PM; F: 9AM to 2PM. For off-hour emergencies contact Security at 212-960-5200.

Cardozo/ Brookdale Center: Call Security at 212-790-0303.

At Home

Energy Efficiency

Consider making your home and lifestyle outside of work more environmentally friendly. Some 30% of energy in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily.

Water Efficiency

In the last five years, almost every region in the United States has experienced water shortages. There are many easy, sensible ways to conserve water.

  • Eartheasy offers tips on conserving water at home.


Yard trimmings and food residual contribute to 23% of the municipal solid waste stream in the United States.

Why not put this material to use as nature's own low-cost, nourishing fertilizer for your personal or community plants and gardens?

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