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Jewish and Western Texts in Conversation

A Straus Summer Seminar for High School Juniors and Seniors in New York City

Women's Seminar: Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Men's Seminar: Thursday, June 22, 2023


Straus Summer Seminar

Program Overview

Current high school juniors and seniors are invited to apply for Jewish and Western Texts in Conversation, an immersive seminar program at the Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought of Yeshiva University. Through unique interdisciplinary seminars and exclusive tours, students will have the opportunity to learn at the collegiate level and engage with the YU Straus Center’s renowned faculty. Students will cultivate their knowledge of Torah and Western thought and form lasting friendships with fellow Modern Orthodox students. This program is highly selective, with separate learning tracks for men and women. There is no cost to students. 

Straus Summer Student


In this seminar program, students will explore foundational texts at the heart of the Jewish and Western traditions including Jewish Ideas & American Democracy, Shakespeare & the Bible, and Zionist Thought & the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Students will be exposed to the richness of human knowledge and insights from the foundational texts of the Jewish and Western tradition, confronting the great moral, philosophical, and theological questions of our age. The program will also include curated activities, meals with Straus faculty, and meaningful networking opportunities.

Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

Mission and Faculty

The Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought, directed by Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik, trains Yeshiva University students to be Modern Orthodox intellectual leaders who are well versed in both Torah and the Western canon. Straus faculty, including Associate Director Dr. Neil Rogachevsky and Resident Scholar Rabbi Dr. Dov Lerner, bring formidable academic and educational expertise to the Center.


Contact Us

Email for any questions regarding the program or the application.

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