The Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development continues to work with Yeshiva University graduates long after commencement. We work with alumni who need their own career assistance as well as those who want to get involved and give back to fellow alumni and current students.  

Whether you are thinking about advancing in your current field or making a career transition, you should use our services for networking, conducting research, searching for jobs, and preparing for interviews. View career resources >>

Learn how to provide guidance, mentorship, opportunities, and more for students and alumni alike. See how to get involved >>


Career Resources for Alumni

YU CareerLink

Check out YU CareerLink for current job postings. Be sure to click on the tab that says "Alumni Registration" when you register with the system.

YU ALUMinate

YU ALUMinate is the on-line alumni portal and network for Yeshiva University graduates. YU ALUMinate allows you to both re-connect with old classmates as well as enabling you to utilize the trusted Sy Syms/Yeshiva College/Stern College environment to expand your professional network.

By fully integrating with social networks, and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your Sy Syms/Yeshiva College/Stern College community is!

Yeshiva University Wall Street Jobs Group

This is an on-line job referral group hosted on Google groups that is coordinated by YU Alumni.  The group sends out weekly job postings in order help the unemployed, further the careers of the employed, and continue to grow the Yeshiva University network. To be added as a member of the group and receive the weekly emails, please send a subscription request via email to

Conducting a Job Search

Once you are ready to apply for positions, you should devise a plan and assign yourself timelines. The job search process has many steps, and each is critical for finding the right job and accepting an offer.

Career Research

Many websites are devoted to industry and organizational research. Review our Tips & Resources page which lists several helpful resources including Vault's Career Insider, CareerBliss, Glassdoor, and more. Also review the Department of Labor's web site at, America's Career InfoNet (which includes excellent videos explaining occupations) at, and web sites of specific organizations. The center has also created industry overviews for alumni thinking about changing careers.

You should read publications related to your field of interest, including magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. Professional associations offer excellent opportunities to explore different industries and to network with professionals who are active in their fields. By joining, you gain access to online resources, job listings, periodicals and newsletters, and invitations to local and national conferences and networking events. You can find listings of professional associations online through many sites, including Weddle's Associations Directory.

Informational Interviewing

Speaking with fellow alumni and other contacts is one of the best ways to learn about an industry and make connections. Do preliminary research before speaking with industry professionals and update your resume so you can provide it to contacts. Remember to be professional and courteous and do NOT ask for a job directly. See the Career Center fact sheet on networking and informational interviewing for more information.

Industry Overviews

If you are considering a career transition, review our industry handouts, which provide brief overviews of career tracks within select industries. They also include web sites for additional information.

To learn more or speak with a counselor, please email us at or call us at (646) 592-4090 (Wilf) and 646-592-4135 (Beren).
For additional information about events and programs for alumni, be sure to visit the Office of Alumni Affairs web page at

Getting Involved

There are several ways that alumni can partner with The Shevet Glaubach Center (SGC) to benefit current students as well as fellow alumni. Here are the many ways alumni have been, and can be, involved:

  • As a presenter or panelist – The SGC coordinates more than 100 programs and events each year for students, often with alumni participants. Last year, more than 90 alumni participated in programs such as Being Orthodox in an Unorthodox World, How to Succeed at Work, Mock Interview Night, Careers in Psychology, and Hot Tech Careers.
  • As a mentor – The SGC manages a database network of alumni for informational purposes, called YU InfoLink. This network allows students to connect with alumni from a variety of fields to discuss their career and/or graduate school questions.  There are currently over 300 alumni participating in YU InfoLink.  The SGC manages all a Women in Business mentoring program. All mentoring programs have a combination of alumni and non-alumni mentor participants. In addition to participating in YU InfoLink and mentoring programs, alumni have come on campus for full days, half days, or evenings to conduct one-on-one informational interviews about their industry.
  • As an employer – Alumni can register their organization with the SGC and participate in a number of recruiting options including posting internship and job opportunities, presenting company and career information sessions on campus, attending career fairs, and conducting on-campus interviews. The SGC currently works with several thousand alumni in this capacity. To post a job or internship, click here.
  • As a facilities/space provider– The SGC often looks to hold programs for students in professional settings off campus. Alumni can donate space, whether conference rooms for smaller events or larger spaces for panel presentations and networking events.
  • The SGC is also happy to work with alumni on creative ideas they might have regarding programming and other ways they would like to work with our office and current students.

For additional information about events and programs for alumni, be sure to visit the Office of Alumni Affairs web page at