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Translating the Americas

Early Modern Jewish Writing on the New World


NEH: Scholarly Editions and Scholarly Translations Grant

Funding Opportunity Number: 20201202-RQ
Funding Opportunity Type: New
Federal Assistance Listing Number: 45.161

The arrival of Columbus’ caravels to the Caribbean islands of Guanahaní, Haiti and Cuba in the fall of 1492 forever changed the course of world history. There could be no turning back for either the Europeans or the Americans. With each returning expedition, stories about the New World and its people sparked Europeans’ imagination and curiosity. But how did Jews grapple with that new knowledge? Our project seeks to understand how sixteenth-century Jews and conversos in both Europe and the Americas confronted that new knowledge and and thought about their place in a rapidly changing world.

Prior Funding:
With a Cross-Institutional Cooperative grant awarded to us by the American Academy for Jewish Research (AAJR), we convened an international cohort of scholars for a two day workshop devoted entirely to the theory and practice of medieval and early modern translation.

Visit the workshop webpage | Workshop link 


In the News

Columbus through Jewish Eyes: Joseph ha-Kohen's Sefer ha-India Ha-hadasha

Professor Flora Cassen, Associate Professor of History and Chair of the Department of Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, presents a discussion on the role of Jews in the discovery and early colonialism of America

Drs. Cassen and Perelis receive grant

May 18, 2020 Funding Will Support Two Conferences

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