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Variety of flexible courses offering tangible career skills designed to help students thrive at any stage of their careers

New York – August 28, 2023 – Yeshiva University today announced the launch of YU Global, a flexible educational arm of the university focused on preparing students for the current, ever changing job market. YU Global provides high-quality professional and post-professional training as an alternative to, or in addition to, traditional higher education. The program is designed to give learners a competitive edge with tangible skills to support pursuit of a new career, land a first job, or advance in their current workplace.

YU Global acts as a bridge to the rapidly changing job market offering relevant, real-world and current skills to provide learners with a faster and more direct route to use their education immediately. It serves as the missing piece of the puzzle, bringing together powerful knowledge from higher education to areas that have been overlooked or served incompletely by vocational schools, thus providing highly applicable knowledge to students in a short amount of time, at low cost.

Most of YU Global’s certificate programs range from $1,000 to around $5,000 and have the goal of preparing students to be job-ready in eight to ten weeks. The program includes access to career counselors who help guide students, including building a resume, polishing their job interview skills, and searching and applying for open positions. The inaugural cohort of YU Global will launch in October 2023 and will offer certificates primarily online with a few face-to-face or hybrid offerings. Prospective students can view the full catalog of courses and sign up at

YU Global Certificates include:

Intro to AI, Advanced Techniques in Prompt Engineering, AI for Executives, Rapid Deployment of Integrated AI into Business Processes, AI for Marketing and Design, Cybersecurity (in partnership with Flatiron), Instructional Design, Web Development, Web Design, Data Analytics and Visualization, AI for Accounting, AI for Business, AI for Digital Sales and Marketing, Construction Management, Emerging Controllers, Emerging CFOs, Project Manager, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Financial Analysis for Real Estate Risk Assessment & Acquisition, Paralegal, and AI for Real Estate Acquisition and Management, among others.

“The launch of YU Global exemplifies Yeshiva University’s commitment to be an innovative leader in education, creating advanced learning opportunities that benefit communities across the world and meeting students at all stages of life,” said Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University. “Versatile and practical, the YU Global programs provide students with an edge in the competitive job market, jump-starting and fast-tracking careers – and bringing the excellence of a YU education exactly where it needs to be at this moment to help students navigate an ever-changing workforce.”

“Each certificate in YU Global has been intentionally curated based on well-researched job market trends indicating that the need for trained labor in these fields is growing,” said Danielle Wozniak, YU Vice President for Global Initiatives and Business Strategies. “YU Global is intentionally designed to meet learners wherever they are – whatever skill level they come to us with -- and offer real world skills and training that will help them succeed in the job market at any stage of their life."

The program’s certificates are stackable, meaning that learners gain knowledge in a subject area and can continue to deepen their expertise through sequenced learning opportunities as they progress through their careers or as content knowledge changes.

YU Global is led by Danielle Wozniak, YU Vice President for Global Initiatives and Business Strategies