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Yeshiva College Computer Science Department Welcomes Aaron Koolyk to Growing Faculty

Aaron Koolyk Headshot Aaron Koolyk

Yeshiva College's computer science department is thrilled to welcome Aaron Koolyk '11YC to its growing faculty. Koolyk will be joining the department in fall 2022 and will be teaching Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics for Computer Science.

Koolyk graduated from Yeshiva College in 2011 with a B.A. in computer science and philosophy, and with a Master of Science in computer science from Hebrew University, where he is currently completing his Ph.D. His research addresses a variety of problems in theoretical computer science and statistical learning.

"I feel privileged to be taking on this role at a very special institution and hope to be able to contribute to the thriving computer science program," said Koolyk.

Koolyk joins Akiva Sacknovitz, another new addition to the YC computer science faculty. A senior application developer at Citibank with decades of industry experience and in-depth computer science knowledge, Sacknovitz will be teaching courses in programming languages, compilers and tools, parallel algorithms and programming, and the capstone project.

"It is a special pleasure to be able to bring back our own alumni as professors to teach the next generation of Yeshiva College computer science students,” said Judah Diament, clinical professor and chair of the computer science department. “Aaron’s advancement from YC to Hebrew University's Ph.D. program, coupled with his time this past year in our own beit midrash, demonstrates that Aaron is a paragon of what YU strives to produce. I look forward to him making wonderful contributions to our students’ futures. And, of course, kudos to Dean Bacon and Provost Botman for making this investment in our students’ educations and futures."

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