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YU News

Freshman Hike Through Castle Point

by Noam Abrahams ('20)


Thanks to the combined efforts of Rabbi Cohn, Rabbi Green, and Elie Hirt, the Class of 2020 kicked off their MTA experience last Thursday with a full-day hike at Foxcroft, on the Castle Point Trail. After davening and a short bus ride, the boys arrived at their destination in northern New Jersey. They walked up and down mountains, across rocks and branches. When the trek was halfway completed, they ate lunch at the old Van Slyke Castle, and explored the remains of the building, before resuming the walk. All told, the freshmen hiked over 2.5 miles. Throughout the hike, the whole class was split into teams of around seven boys each, competing on a scavenger hunt using the Goosechase App as they walked. In the end, the Mighty Moose were victorious, with the Super Salamanders finishing a close second.

After the hike, everyone was rather exhausted, especially since it was unusually warm for September. The grade was rewarded with an unscheduled stop at a 7-11. After getting the refreshing Slurpees, the boys enjoyed a great barbecue in a nearby park, with chicken, hot dogs, salami, and more. The class also enjoyed the opportunity to play sports there, such as soccer and football. The trip was an incredible opportunity for all the students to meet and get to know one another. Everyone had an amazing time and are looking forward to a fun and exciting year at MTA.