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YU News

Chief Justice Antonin Scalia and Nathan Lewin in Discussion at YU

by Avraham Tsikhanovski ('16)
On Wednesday night, Yeshiva University hosted an event in Lamport Auditorium with two leading figures in the legal world. Judge Antonin Scalia is the longest serving Supreme Court Justice, having been appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Nathan Lewin is considered to be one of the greatest lawyers living in our time. He has represented President Nixon and John Lennon, and is a great figure in the Jewish community.

The topic of discussion was:"Synagogue and State In America: The Landmark First Amendment Cases of Our Age." The discussion was about whether or not the United States may sponsor a synagogue according to the First Amendment. Being that Justice Scalia and Nathan Lewin are close friends, both spiced up the evening with clever humor. The discussion was fresh and relevant to our times.

One of the things that makes MTA so special is the fact that we can take advantage of the resources that YU offers, including many unique and special events; this conversation was definitely one of them.

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