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Mastering Data Got Him an Ad Agency Job

Aaron Goldmeier, graduate of the Digital Marketing and Media program at the Katz School.

Aaron Goldmeier, a recent graduate of the M.S. in Digital Marketing and Media program at the Katz School of Science and Health, is an associate on both the digital and video investment teams at the marketing agency, Mindshare. Aaron's team is responsible for creating digital campaigns on all social media platforms. He assists with creating the click-through URL links that help them track where engaging customers originate and their demographic information, and he helps campaigns go live and tracks how well they are performing. Joe Panzarella, who is the program director for the Katz School's M.S. in Digital Marketing and Media program, recently had a conversation with Aaron.

KATZ: What one or two things you took away from the M.S. in Digital Marketing & Media program that helped you secure the role?

AARON: There are so many things I took away from this program but understanding the importance of data—all the ways it can be obtained and how to use it for your brand—was very important. Another would be the understanding of digital marketing and associated terminology, because this helped me greatly in the interview. I was able to ask great questions and show that I already knew a lot on the subject. It also helps me in the job as well, since now I know the objectives my team is working to accomplish and can provide my own insight.

KATZ: What was your favorite course or professor? Why?

AARON: There are too many classes to choose from—they were all so amazing—but a stand-out was Marketing Research Methods with Professor Thom Kennon. He is the most passionate professor I have ever had and he cares so much about the field, as well as his students. He wants everyone to excel and knows how to make a class entertaining which is not easy. We got to work with an actual startup, doing our own research for them and then using that data to create a marketing proposal and plan for the brand. Another is Web Analytics and SEO, which helped me gain such a deep understanding of web traffic data and optimization. This class continues to help me so much with my job. The professor, Sivia Naimer, was outstanding at helping me network with companies that I was interested in pursuing careers with.

KATZ: What specific projects and networking opportunities at Yeshiva University have prepared you for future success?

AARON: From creating my own digital marketing campaign, to learning how to code for data presentation purposes, to learning how to tell a story through the digital landscape, these projects have prepared me for all types of tasks. Most important, my professors were all willing to help and have great connections in all field of marketing.

KATZ: Students graduating from this program can find digital marketing roles in nearly any industry. What was appealing about your firm?

AARON: Mindshare was interesting to me because the advertising agency life has so many opportunities for growth, as well as routes to take within it. I have already made a transition from linear advertising to digital advertising. It also gives you such a deep understanding of marketing.

KATZ: What advice would you give incoming students? What should they take advantage of while studying at YU?

AARON: Put in the time and effort and you will learn so much about marketing and so much more. While in the program, get to know your professors and ask for their advice and networking help. They are always more than happy.

KATZ: We hope you stay part of the YU community in the future. Wishing you nothing but continued success!

AARON: Thank you so much.