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Digital Marketing: A Promising Career in Any Industry 

Digital marketing utilizes various technologies, including computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services, and digital platforms are becoming an ever larger share of marketing plans and people's everyday lives. Today, digital marketing campaigns have become a crucial tool for increasing an organization’s sales, revenue, brand awareness and overall growth.  

Unlike a generation ago when television was the prime advertising source for large brands, today's consumers engage with a wide variety of media and can be elusive to advertisersThat’s why digital marketing campaigns use an assortment of tactics: search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, mobile marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and display advertising.  

The Industry 

Even with the dizzying pace of change in technology and digital infrastructure, the basic strategy of marketing remains the same: Marketers try to craft powerful messages to attract consumers. Increasingly, digital marketing tactics, like SEO optimization and search advertising, play a pivotal role in catapulting businesses ahead of their competition.

Digital marketing uses the latest techniques to build brands: no-click searches, where search engines display an image and information about your topic at the top of the page; voice searches; Google-verified listings for SEO, which help establish your geographic location; and automated and smart bidding, which uses machine learning to analyze the tremendous amount of data it has on its users to adjust your Google ad bids in real-time. 

Job Opportunities  

The average base salary for a digital marketer is $70,000 in New York City in a wide range of jobs: Digital Marketing Manager; Content Strategist; SEO and SEM Specialist; Data Analyst; and Social Media Marketer. The quantity and variety of these types of jobs demonstrate how embedded digital marketing is in the fabric of every industry. 

To land these jobs, you’ll need to have expertise in paid social media advertising, executing and analyzing direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns, analyzing quantifiable metrics and visual storytelling, as well as those soft skills like being a good listener, thinking critically, and being creative and analytical. You’ll be in high demand as firms continue to shift their marketing investments toward digital channels.  

Why the Katz School?

The Katz School’s M.S. in Digital Marketing and Media is an industry-driven, project-based master’s degree with a distinct focus on the power of digital media and social drivers of behaviors. It arms you with essential media, design, communication, behavioral, analytical, technical and research skills, and you’ll learn evidence-driven strategies for identifying and segmenting markets, reaching and engaging potential consumers, and converting them into loyal customers. And you’ll master in-demand strategies for social media, SEM, SEO, mobile, email, content and video.  

Students can home in one of two tracks: marketing analytics, attempting to make sense out of a sea of data, or social media, examining how interacting with marketing touch points (digital and social channels) enhances a consumer’s experience with brands. Katz students can work with an impressive array of industry professionals and emerging technologies from Yeshiva’s Innovation Lab, a student-fueled, consultant-led startup accelerator in the business heart of New York City. 

Click here for the Bright Futures Scholarship Initiative that will enable you to get a master’s degree in any Katz STEM program this spring for a fixed tuition of $25,000. We are still accepting applications for both on-campus and online options. Click here to start your application today.