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Dr. Elizabeth Seng is Committed to Curing Our Headaches

Portrait Dr. Elizabeth SengDr. Elizabeth Seng, associate professor of psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, was quoted in Shape Magazine on how to find migraine relief during the holiday season.

Molly Longman, the writer of the article, noted that doctors aren’t sure what causes the condition, but the newest research indicates it may be overly sensitized brain nerves, citing work done by Dr. Seng. “Stress is a common migraine trigger,” Dr. Seng observed, and women with migraines should see a specialist for a treatment plan.

She has also had several pieces published for the American Headache Society, one of which was a Q&A on “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Migraine.” The Q&A gives a detailed background about the role of CBT in managing headache pain and how medical and mental health professionals can work together to incorporate CBT into a treatment plan.

Dr. Seng has also gone on-air, having just completed the first of a three podcasts for “Heads Up,” the weekly podcast series put out by the National Headache Foundation. She is working with Dr. Lindsay Weitzel, an expert in migraines and chronic pain, and the first episode is on “Biofeedback and Migraine.”