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Sy Syms Professors Share Research at Notable Business Schools

The faculty at Sy Syms School of Business has been busy this spring presenting their research on a variety of topics to their academic colleagues at notable education institutions.

On April 25, professor of finance Dr. S. Abraham (Avri) Ravid presented “Star Turnover and the Value of Human Capital—Evidence from Broadway Shows” at a faculty seminar at Harvard Business School. Ravid reviewed the findings of his paper, co-written with Sy Syms associate professor Dr. Shu Han, on the value of human capital to the success of an enterprise, using actors in Broadway shows as an example.

Earlier in April Dr. Ravid presented another paper, Innovation under Risk and Ambiguity," co-written with Sy Syms assistant professor of finance Dr. Gabriela Coiculescu and Baruch College assistant professor Dr. Yud Izhakian. The trio's work has been presented at faculty seminars at New York University in New York City and Lund University in Lund, Sweden as well as to fellow finance academics at Sy Syms. Their paper will also be presented in a session at the Conference on Innovation Economics at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in June.

Sy Syms Professor of Finance Dr. Archishman Chakraborty addressed the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and Department of Economics at a research seminar on April 17. Dr. Chakraborty presented his working paper, “Expert Captured Democracies,” in which he argues that experts may distort the operation of democracies, by means of their public pronouncements, in order to serve their own ideological interests. Paradoxically, this may benefit voters since public policy is then more finely tuned to information. Dr.  Chakraborty will also present his research on June 6 to a workshop at the Managerial Economics and Decisions Sciences (MEDS) department of the Kellogg School at Northwestern.