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Cwilich and Buldyrev Publish Article in Physical Review E

Cwilich_63189-16 Gabriel Cwilich

Dr. Gabriel Cwilich, associate professor of physics and division coordinator of natural and mathematical sciences at Yeshiva College, and Dr. Sergey Buldyrev, professor of physics at Yeshiva College, recently published “Cascading Failures in Networks with Proximate Dependant Nodes” in Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics. The work focuses on the

Sergey Buldyrev Sergey Buldyrev

mutual percolation of a system composed of two interdependent random regular networks and explores the effects of the proximity of interdependent nodes on the cascade of failures after an initial attack. Coauthors include Yeshiva College graduates Yosef Kornbluth and Steven Lowinger.